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We have released many books in Tamil, English, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

CDs / DVDs

Many audio and video CDs/ DVDs have been released relating to Second Coming.

Worship Songs

Worship related songs have been released, which has been helpful in times of Worship.


Emagazine both in Tamil and English has been released for all online readers.

Video Gallery

In out Video Gallery, you can see a collelection of videos about second coming.

Photo Gallery

In our Photo Gallery, you can see all photos that were taken in the events.

Voice of Trumpet

Send your prayer requests, and we are here to pray along with you. When it comes to prayer, whatever may be on your heart, no matter how big or small the burden, we want to be here for you. God wants to meet your needs and reveal his promises to you. It would be our privilege to pray for you. Kindly send in your prayer request to us.

We appreciate your support for the gospel and ministry work by your donations. We rely on your support and because of your donations; we are able to reach many people. God makes available through people to help us and the lives of others. Join us and help us to reach and spread the Second Coming of Christ.

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2017 | New Year Prophetic Meet